About Us

About Us

The purpose of the Lompoc Valley Democratic Club (LVDC) is to unite all those interested in promoting the principles and practices of democratic government; to increase knowledge of political issues, legislation, candidates, and elected officials; to seek and elect qualified candidates; and to concentrate and increase the influence of the Democratic Party in the community for the solution of social and civic problems.

The LVDC is committed to defending and maintaining constitutional rights and liberties, including free speech, press, religion and assembly. The LVDC supports voter rights, reproductive rights, and human rights for everyone.


Our work includes

  • Winning local, state and federal elections
  • Supporting and developing candidates
  • Supporting the local economy
  • Protecting our environment
  • Supporting our labor/workforce Promoting health care, defending seniors and Social Security,
  • Registering and educating voters

Board of Directors

Elected Officers

  • Leah Braitman – President leahthedemocrat@gmail.com
  • Connie Buttram – Vice President
  • Brian Gee – Secretary
  • Rob Glasgow – Treasurer


  • Janet Blevins
  • Marell Brooks
  • Teri Doutney
  • Jeffrey Hall
  • Kathy Howard
  • Colleen Newkirk
  • Terry Forss
  • Jaime Tinoco



Contact Info

Phone: 253-229-2841

PO Box 43, Lompoc 93436


Club Office