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Labor Day Picnic 2023

Please join us on Sunday, September 3rd for our annual (day before) Labor Day  Picnic. 
Once again, through the generosity of Art Hibbits, the event will be held at his ranch amidst the remaining walnut trees.  And once again, our very own Richard Moody will be providing that amazing barbecue lunch, with potluck* appetizers**, sides and desserts. 
Please see the flyer for alphabet breakdown for dishes. 
*The potluck part is appreciated, but not mandatory. And the alphabet breakdown is just a guideline; if you have an amazing dessert you really want to bring and your last name starts with B, don't sweat it...bring that dessert!
 **If you are in the A-F group, please consider arriving by noon so everyone can enjoy your appetizers/nibbles before lunch at 1:00 p.m.


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